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Would really recommend Holly - she is both professional and really caring towards pups! Buddy and I attended the 8 week puppy class and he has come so far, thanks to Holly's help!

Victoria & Buddy

Mabel met Holly in July and needed to learn loose lead walking and recall. By the end of the first session Mabel had picked loads up and I was so impressed how much she had learned in that 40 mins!!

When Holly left Mabel had 2 hours sleep, never known this before. She had definitely had to use her brain. We continued to keep this training up on a daily basis and every day Mabel was learning!

Sometimes using treats to reward her for good listening and coming back to me when asked off lead. Mabel now mixes beautifully with her other doggie friends and without the help and support from Holly, Mabel's behaviour wouldn't have improved.

Holly, I'm extremely thankful for all your help, kindness, hardwork and support. I would definitely recommend YES! Canine to any of my friends.

Amanda & Mabel

Holly has done lots of work with our dog, we couldn't speak highly enough of her. She's super knowledgeable and extremely friendly and we'd recommend her in a heartbeat!

Fiona, James & Lottie

Holly is both a very knowledgeable professional and a lovely approachable person to work with. Her group sessions are very well run, with an appropriate number of dogs in each class, positive training methods, and structured downtime for the dogs (and owners) when they need a brain break! The difference in my puppy’s confidence over the course was amazing. We also had a 1:1 at home where Holly really helped us step back and break down the issue we were struggling with and provided targeted exercises with clear progression to work on. Highly recommend to anyone looking for training or behavioural work!

Lydia & Sputnik


Helping clients in Barnsley, Rotherham, Doncaster and Sheffield

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